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Our Current Project

To Bring a Wellness Center to Our Area

Over the last several years the Elmwood Community Foundation has been working quietly to determine the interest in and support for a wellness center serving eight neighboring towns. We have tried to do our homework. Our findings have encouraged us to take the next two important steps – publicizing our project and seeking financial support from all the towns for the facility.

The task is too big for any one town to accomplish on its own. Therefore, please consider making a tax-deductible gift or pledge for a facility that will enhance the quality of life not only for ourselves but also for our grandchildren and generations
to come.  

Why a Wellness Center?

While researching this project, we engaged the Rural Economic Technical Assistance at Western Illinois University to measure not only the potential interest in the communities but also what programming was most popular with
those surveyed. 

We also met with directors of similar centers in Iowa and Illinois to find out what worked best for their communities. This important input will be taken into consideration once we begin developing the center. 

Our goal is to offer a wide range of programs and classes so that everyone will benefit – from children and senior citizens to area schools and businesses. According to the research conducted, the “most desired” or “high-interest” programs included:

  • Indoor pool with aquatic features
    and activities

  • Indoor walking track

  • Gymnasium

  • Weight areas with both machines
    and free weights

  • Fitness instruction and fitness 
    programs like CrossFit

  • Classes for children and adults

  • Preschool and daycare options

  • Organized sports for children and adults


While we are a long way from developing the programming, knowing the needs of the community early will help us plan a facility that will fit the desires of those who will be using it.

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